Medallion Program

The League City Landmark designation is awarded to structures and sites over 60 years of age deemed worthy of preservation for their architectural and/or historical associations. In reviewing applications for this designation, the Landmark Committee of the League City Historical Society considers not only the historical persons or events associated with the site or structure, but also the architectural integrity of the building. Ideally, the structure should maintain much of its original appearance and should be an exemplary model of preservation. Historic photographs, if available, should accompany the application for this designation.

Note: Variance from these norms can be granted by the committee; final decisions rest with the League City Historical Society Marker Committee.

Criteria for League City Landmark designation:

  1. A house, building or site should be at least 60 years old.

  2. A deed search or supporting research should document its age.

  3. A building will not be disqualified because of additions other than bathrooms and kitchens. However, these additions will be recognized as products of their own time, and not be passed off as parts of the original building.

  4. Asbestos and aluminum siding are allowed if they are in keeping with the design of the original building, and the building is really significant.

  5. If at all possible, a picture of the building at least 60 years ago should accompany the application.

  6. Applications should be submitted to the League City Historical Society Landmark Committee by the owner of the building or site.

  7. Markers will be supplied and placed by the League City Historical Society at no cost to the homeowner. Ownership of the medallions will rest with the League City Historical Society.

  8. Signage inappropriate for an area with historical significance will disqualify a structure or site from consideration for a marker, or from continued use of an already placed marker.

  9. The decisions of the committee will be final. If special circumstances are deemed to warrant variances from the accepted norms for qualification, the committee has the power to grant such variances.

  10. The Landmark Committee reserves the right to remove a medallion if a site is not maintained in an aesthetically pleasing manner that is a credit to the community.

To apply for a Landmark Medallion, please fill out and mail in the following form:

          Landmark Medallion Form (PDF)